Anton Paar

Anton Paar GmbH is an Austrian company based in Graz that develops, produces and sells analytical instruments for laboratories and process analytical technology. It also provides automation and robotics solutions. The company specializes in the production of instruments for measuring density, concentration, dissolved carbon dioxide, and in the fields of rheometry and material characterization. Many of Anton Paar’s customers are beer and soft drink manufacturers as well as companies in the food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries.

Some products that are manufactured by Anton Paar GmbH:

Alcohol meters, Atomic force microscopes, Beverage analysis devices, Coating thickness measurement devices, Consistency and ductility, CO2 and Oxygen meters, Density meter, Distillation, Dynamic mechanical analysis, Flash point, High-precision thermometers, Surface analyzers, Thermo-optical analysis, Tribometer, Turbidity meter, Viscometer, X-ray diffraction stages, etc.