You may have heard of us with the recent release of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, for which we recreated the whole planet in 3D with a novel machine learning approach. We got raving reviews for our the photorealism of the end result. 

We can fully automatically and semantically reconstruct detected features in 3D, using a patented technology for efficiently storing and streaming petabytes of data. We also provide powerful insights into the world by extracting information from satellite imagery fully automatically. A scalable artificial intelligence builds the core of our platform, detecting features with incredible precision and speed. Our machine learning approach was developed to train a neural network for new features rapidly, enabling us to serve various use cases in many different industries. 

Our team of 50+ data scientists, geospatial engineers, 3D rendering programmers and developers is based in Graz, Austria.

What does working at look like?

  • Groundbreaking technology, family environment: push the boundaries of what is feasible today, while enjoying the team spirit of a human-sized company.
  • Learn & grow: Feed your curiosity, tackle new exciting challenges, and safely expand you horizons.
  • International team: We come from all over the world, and couldn’t imagine our daily work without this enriching diversity.
  • Start-up mindset: Rise up to the challenge, bring in your ideas, adapt and pivot, make an impact.

To learn more about us, please visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn.